Plumes: A new tradition

Our Plumes, Mission Statement (December 2022) Plumes is a new ritual which will inhabit and expand the public space that we (community activists in North Brooklyn) have been carving out and maintaining since 2020. Our Open Street and Mutual Aid organizing is intentionally inviting and inclusive, which allows us to deploy a broad vision for the future through collectively created and performed characters. Plumes will project a version of creativity that brings together members from a num-ber of communities who are directly in contact with the audience. For the audience, who are neighbors and passersby, Plumes will be a surprising, mysterious and absurd experience. We hope to expand the face of our civic engagement with fun and play. Formally, Plumes draws on rituals for chasing out evil, performed in many cultures. We've developed our concept and characters through a year's long process of writing, drawing and talking together on our Open Streets. From January to May3, we will develop and build costumes, behaviors, choreographies and music for our characters. At the beginning of may we will perform Plumes each year.