Primitive Games (Collaboratively Improvised Animation)

White (Mary Houlihan), Blue (Lorelei Ramirez) and Red (Becket Bowes) are abstract, sentient shapes who live on the desktop interface of an animator's work computer. Everything they know, they have learned from the internet. Since they don't have bodies, they are obsessed with everything physical. They love their animator, Patricia, even though she doesn't know they exist. They meet a Hermit Crab (Tim Platt), a Trojan Horse Customs Agent (Ana Fabrega) and Jessica Alba (Hollis Witherspoon). The music is by Steven DeSiena. Find him here.


Read a review at The Humor and Abject here. These three episodes comprise their first major outing.


Poster by Lorelei Ramirez. Find her here.


This started at Pastelegram, an on-line art magazine. Find it here.