Collaboration with Rick Karr

Performance, Animation + Installation

Performed at Essex Flowers, NYC

The University of Indiana at Bloomington IN, Black Vulture Projects in Paoli, IN

And at Cleopatra's, Brooklyn


Ultraviolet is a multimedia performance by Birgit Rathsmann and Rick Karr that attempts to come to an understanding of what’s happening today in the United States using principles of evolutionary biology — with help from some volcanic islands, a Victorian British naturalist who lived on one of them, and some particularly florid species of birds he studied there.


Watch a short trailer of the performance here.

UV/Cleo Install

Along the way, Ultraviolet touches on gender roles, sexual desire, the stimulant effects of mobile devices, the blurriness of borders, and the meaning of a door without a wall.


Video Extracts

from "The Malay Archipelago" by Alfred Russel Wallace

from "The Malay Archipelago" by Alfred Russel Wallace, Arrival at Ternate